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"SOUL Reflection" is a bestselling Indonesian book that has been translated into English, offering valuable guidance to readers seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of life. The book takes readers on a journey of self-reflection and discovery, using engaging stories and wise insights to teach them how to approach life's challenges with wisdom, cultivate love and compassion within themselves, and reflect on experiences to learn valuable lessons.

This first book by Arsaningsih contains her personal reflections on events in life, expressed through various stories. The book has been called "Magic Book" by many readers. By randomly opening this book, we can find solutions to our problems. It turns out that we need time to observe, understand why something had to happen, and eventually make decisions or derive valuable lessons wisely.

This book provides solutions to its readers
  • Seseorang yang rendah hati, menyiapkan ruang di dirinya untuk bertumbuh

    -Bunda Arsaningsih-
  • Tidak lari dari kenyataan dan selalu bersyukur serta menerima segala yang terjadi sebagai proses pembelajaran Tuhan agar kualitas pertumbuhan jiwa meningkat

    -Bunda Arsaningsih-
  • Di alam ini tidak ada yang sempurna. Terimalah mereka apa adanya dan hormatilah bagian sisi yang positif, karena itu akan memperkuat cahaya di dalam dirinya. 

    -Bunda Arsaningsih-
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