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Why SOUL Meter?

Many mysteries remain unexplored until now. From the macrocosm, such as the edge of the universe, to the microcosm, like a person's identity and our origins. Humans continue to dig and dig, going deeper and deeper, but still unable to find the answers. Have we been digging in the right direction? Or unknowingly, are we moving further away from the answers?

Until now, we have been focusing on the process of finding answers with our limited intelligence. There is nothing wrong with that. However, to discover limitless answers, we must also understand the process of boundless energy. In the SOUL Meter workshop, we will expand our reality by learning to understand energy, a universal language. This is something that has been studied by our predecessors.

Some friends argue that the SOUL Meter is an ancient knowledge that somehow found its way back. However, according to SOUL's founder Bunda Arsaningsih, the SOUL Meter is an improvement of various sciences.

By getting to know energy and using it to understand our limited selves, we will find it easier to get to know the One who is Limitless.

Why The Workshop?

The SOUL Meter workshop centers on the concept that everything in the universe is made of energy. By gaining insight into identifying these subtle energies, we can interpret them in a way that is comprehensible to us as humans. The workshop's main focus is to not only prepare our bodies but also our minds to delve into realms beyond our current understanding. Participants will be taught how to enhance their body's ability to perceive subtle energies and effectively manage their energy bodies.

The insights and skills gained from this workshop are directed towards nurturing your spiritual development. Participants will gain insights on deepening their connection with The Supreme One, embracing surrender, enhancing their destiny, undertaking inner purification, discovering their true self, and preparing for The Return.

What They Say About The Workshop

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This workshop will be conducted in English, taking place in SOUL Center Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia for three full days. Are you interested? 

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